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Stone & Masonry Products

With the available technology of today we are able to install natural stone virtually anywhere without necessarily requiring footings or foundations. Natural Stone Veneer can be applied both interior and exterior over existing walls, on fireplaces, bars, wine cellars, existing exterior walls (brick, siding, etc) or as accent walls. We are proud to be working with Ontario based quarries to purchase raw material and have it veneered locally to suit your project. Currently we have 32 Natural Stone Veneer options available and can customize a blend of any two or more for an entirely customized project.

Natural stone veneer is available in both flat and corner pieces to ensure the look of full bed stone. All veneers can also be purchased in full depth stone.

Vanguard Blend

Bucks Bridge Ashlar

Alpine Random

Granite Ashlar

Granite Inlay


Sylvan Blend

Laurentian Strip

Highland Blend

Bucks Bridge Drystack

Montgomery Blend

Echo Ashlar

Mountain Ridge

Onyx Thinstack

Seabright Bubble

Aberdeen Ledge

Stonecliffe Drystack

Granite Artisan

Modern Mix


Alpine Ledge

Promonotory Blend

Echo Bay


Alpine Glen

Sterling Blend

Echo Modern

Stonecliffe Modern

Aberdeen Random

Monarch Blend

Echo Sill & Georgian Sill

Stonecliffe Sill & Bucks Bridge Sill