J&J Masonry Fireplace and Masonry Restoration Specialists

Masonry and Concrete Restoration

Masonry and Concrete Restoration involves the accurate recovery of an earlier form and details of a site.

This is accomplished by removing work done after the original structure was completed and by replacing missing and/or damaged components.

When completing a restoration project we always make sure to follow the appropriate levels of intervention: preserve, maintain, repair and finally replace.

Using the correct materials and workmanship methods ensures the structure is returned to its original glory while maintaining any historical or other appearances.

We specialize in Masonry/Concrete Restoration including, but not limited to, chimney repairs, foundation repairs, parging (both smooth and stone-faced), brick, block and stone re-pointing, vehicle impact projects, fire damage, water damage and more.


We called in J&J Masonry to fix our six year old chimney that had been first rebuilt when we added a second story to our home. Because of shoddy workmanship by another contractor, his expertise was whole heartedly recommended by the cultured stone sales rep. Andre and his team fit us into their busy schedule when we really needed the job done quickly. (The stone from our chimney was literally falling to the ground at that point.) During the job they always kept the work area contained and each night made sure the area was cleaned up so kids etc could not hurt themselves.
We are very happy with the final product. It looks how it first did six years ago, which is important as there are other walls on our home that have the same cultured stone so a match was required. They also took care to match the sides of the chimney, curved as it is all the way up, to the stucco of the house to ensure no noticeable gaps between the stucco and the chimney.
Once the job was complete, they cleaned up all of the brick and concrete mess that had fallen into the shrubbery below. Given the mess of a total chimney take down, this was very impressive.
We would have no problem recommending Andre and his company for any job relating to chimney's or any other stone work. He was very easy to deal with and did a great job.

Peter and Anna, Toronto